Here at Wrapid Renewals UK we specialise in bringing you that dream bespoke home at a highly achievable price.

The new vinyl architectural films are becoming the cost-effective way to refurbish your living/work space by upcycling your existing surfaces, meaning less negative impact on the environment, And with over 1000 finishes available the perfect look is there waiting for you.

Also, the speed of turnaround and lack of disruption on top of massive financial savings make architectural vinyl films the new 'go to' for people who live busy lives.

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Cost Effective

Giving your kitchen a new vinyl wrap can save up to 70% when compared to buying a new kitchen.

10 Year Guarantee

Our wraps have a 10 year guarantee which gives you peace of mind knowing that your architectural vinyl will last as long as your current surfaces.

Huge choice of colours and patterns

With such a large range of finishes available, we are sure that the perfect look for you is available to really bring out your personality / brand.


Architectural vinyl film is put through the same tests as your current surface was, giving you the confidence that your new kitchen vinyl will last.

Fire Tested

All types of vinyl finish are fire tested and meet building regulations, also with the product being a PVC solution it is water and heat resistant, as well as being hygienic and very easy to keep clean.

Quicker Solution

Our architectural films can be installed on site with minimal noise and no mess. We also sometimes take away doors to wrap at our workshop meaning no real disruption to you.


We are all trying to lower our carbon footprint and do our best for the environment, so by choosing to wrap instead of replace you are helping to save tons of old work units and kitchens from going to landfill.
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